Business Purpose

Services Provided by isparrow HR solutions :

  • Turnkey Recruitment Projects: We provide in-time mass recruitment solutions across verticals and departments to address recruitment in special conditions like massive expansions, new product launch, project implementation or cultural turnaround exercise through quality talent injection from outside the company.
  • Interim Management: Executive placement at the highest level to provide immediate short-term infusion of management skills and fresh thinking, which in the long-term would bring change and value addition embedding good practices and leaving a legacy of improvement.
  • Corporate Training / HR Solutions: Customized solutions for Corporate as well as for Individuals designed to help in career development, increased job satisfaction, enhance team effectiveness, identification of strength and weakness of own leadership style and eventually leading to better life balance.
  • Platinum Consulting: It is a highly personalized and customized advisory service to select candidates, information gathering, resume making, search support, company reference check and authentication, interview guidelines, negotiation assistance, documentation guidance, and post selection handholding, training need analysis etc.
  • We are not liable on any legal or equitable basis, including in negligence, for any acts or omissions of employee:
    • Performing professional, scientific, engineering, technical or similar services
    • In workplaces which are unattended or have inadequate or inappropriate internal controls or safeguards
    • Handling cash, negotiable instruments, valuables, merchandise or any other property of value
    • Operating and referred by us , as independent contractors and singed to payroll activities