Tips to stay focused in an interview

You have the qualifications, the experience and know you’re the right fit for the job. But you find yourself losing focus when facing the interviewing panel. It’s time to realign as unwavering focus sends out a powerful message to prospective employers.

Try these 10 tips to stay focused during an interview and land that job you want:

1. Before Interview

The minutes before an interview are the toughest. Don't use any social media, a chat with a friend or flip through a magazine. Anything that shifts your single-mindedness is a bad idea. Get your thoughts in sync with your goal. Why are you here? How important is this job to you? Asking yourself these questions can help you realign.

2. Focus on your skills

In order to concentrate during the interview, think of one or two things that you would like your interviewer to remember you for. Is it your knowledge, communication skills or project management achievements? Zeroing in on a few things will keep your brain alert and fixated.

3. Sit up straight

An upright and alert posture will keep your mind sharp. Slouching or leaning on the chair not only makes you feel lethargic but also makes a poor impression on the interviewer.

4. Switch off or silent your cell phone

Make sure you switch off your cell phone in order to avoid any distraction. Constant pinging sounds or a phone call will derail your thoughts and you won’t be able to focus.

5. Don't be over-confident

You need to be confident, not nervous or over-confident

6. Don’t lose patience

Realize that the interviewer may use tactics to put you in an uncomfortable position or trick you by looking unhappy or dissatisfied with your answers. Don’t lose patience. Try controlled breathing and remind yourself why you are in that room.

7. Think happy and positive thoughts

Good thoughts will relax your mind and release happy hormones. A calm and happy employee is always a welcome addition to any team and company.

8. Be professional

Part of preparing for a job interview is making sure you are going to come across as a good addition to their company.Dressing comfortably is important in a pressure interview situation.Employers can reject candidates even before getting down to their resume. Looks and appearance does create an impression on the employer’s mind.

Questions that don't ask

Typically, a prospective employer will ask if you have any queries. Here's a rundown of those that usually don't go down too well with the client, often due to which candidates are not selected.

1. Dont ask about the reference check.Most companies use the services of a third party agency to conduct a 'reference check'.

2. dont ask to the company about it.Please read the section 'About Us' where companies provide their history, products, the geographies they serve etc.

3. Dont ask to company about their leave policy because it looks like you like to relax.

4. Since you are not sure that you have been offered, don’t ask "when i do start?". The company think you are overconfident and brash, and may not suit them.

5. Avoid to ask for work on Saturdays, because the employer gets a suspicion about your intentions to work hard.

6. Please don't raise the question next increment during the interview.Avoid it at this stage of the interview process.

7. Dont ask about the opportunities for promotion.Once you join the company and prove yourself, then you can raise this issue with your boss.