ISparrow HR Solutions | Terms

General Terms & Conditions:

  • All applicable local taxes will be applied to the total invoice value. In the event of any changes in the local statutory contributions, necessary adjustments would be implemented in the payment and invoicing process.
  • The Client should determine whether the candidate referred to them is suitable for employment, as there is no liability for any claim for loss, expense, damage or delay as a result of our referral or the Client's employment of a candidate.
  • We are not liable on any legal or equitable basis, including in negligence, for any acts or omissions of employee:
    • Performing professional, scientific, engineering, technical or similar services
    • In workplaces which are unattended or have inadequate or inappropriate internal controls or safeguards
    • Handling cash, negotiable instruments, valuables, merchandise or any other property of value
    • Operating and referred by us , as independent contractors and singed to payroll activities